Monday, December 14, 2009

Weekend Fun

Mommy invited her friend Erica and her puppy, Otis, over on Saturday! We had one heck of a play date. Ellie and I both liked Otis BUNCHES. However, Ben was not very nice to him because he hasn't been neutered yet. So Ben got banished to his kennel.

After Otis sniffed me out, he decided it was ok to play chase.
Then we picked on Ellie. She wasn't fast enough to catch up!
She got bored and chewed sticks on her stump chair though.
We also played with the giant "ice cubes" that formed in our outside water bowl. I thought that was pretty neat! Mom wouldn't let me bring it inside though.

It's getting close to Christmas! Ben was the first one to get a card in the mail. It was from the vet :) We also got a card from Uncle Scott, Auntie Andria, Peanut & Rosco (look Auntie Andria, it's on the fridge!!)

Ben also got an early Christmas present from Mom. She was "SICK & TIRED" of all his barking at the neighbor dogs and bought him a citronella bark collar. It's amazing! Ben stopped barking in 20 seconds. And he doesn't even get tempted by the motley crue behind us.

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