Sunday, January 30, 2011

Summer in January

Today it was 65 degrees out! It felt like summer in January. Mom locked us outside and we did all kinds of fun things in the backyard. First, I ignored Mom's agility lesson and chewed on some sticks.

Ellie pondered the meaning of life...

We patrolled the parameter for intruders...

And ran around with our eyes closed!

Then Mom got out the pink soccer ball.

I ran around showing it off...

Until I got put in a time-out for being mean to Ben. He was thrilled!

Because it meant he got to play soccer finally!!

Until Ellie interfered and got the ball... Ben can never catch a break!

I challenge you with my evil Ellie eye! Grrr!

Ben was the ultimate winner though!

Look how happy he is! I guess sharing can be caring!

On a side note, look how long Ellie "Get those scissors away from me"'s eyebrows are! Insane :)

Monday, January 24, 2011

I like to chew on logs! What's wrong with that? I have nothing else to do.

Mom said it was "weird" so she got me this pretty pink soccer ball! I haven't worked on my soccer skillz since I killed the last ball during the summer...

First I chewed some good holes in it...

Then I ran around like a crazy dog!

And showed it off around the hood...

Ben was so jealous! But no dog and no sad looks can get ME to share!

Dun duh dun dun... Ellie to the rescue!

Just kidding!! I certainly wouldn't share with that little munchkin!

Good story, huh? I sure LOVE soccer!

Friday, January 7, 2011

Snow no more...

Well, the snow disapeared pretty quick! But not before it left this huge branch in our front yard. Mom was pretty mad. Ben just likes to pee on it!

It's super muddy and we've been stuck inside playing lots of wrestle mania!

Mom has been spending lots of time sewing. And Molly has been supervising the thread winding process.

But Mom's hands get really cold and she has to keep stopping. Every time she turns around she sees this...

Ben got booted from the heater and had to suffer his frigidness in the cat bed. Turn up the heat, MOM!