Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Snowy Fun!

Hope you had a very merry Christmas! We have been busy playing in the snow!

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Winter is boring...

Sorry I've been away for so long! Winter time is SO boring and the weather has been horrible.

It stopped raining long enough to spend some time outside last weekend. Of course, Ben wanted to play ball. He likes to stare at it VERY closely in case Mom can't find it.

Then he gets into the "ready to run" stance...

Then he RUNS!!

And RUNS....

I like to play for awhile...

But then I get tired! I'm getting old, ya know??

Ellie NEVER plays because chasing balls involves exercise. Ellie doesn't do exercise!

But look what Mom got us! I like to call it the "BLUE BALL OF MYSTERY!!". When she first brought it out we couldn't figure out what the heck it was! It was glowing from the inside.

Turns out, it's a ball! And now we can play all night! (it doesn't allow for good pics though!)

In other news, Sam got adopted.

Ben is heartbroken and can't believe Sam's gone. He's still on the lookout in case Sam magically appears.

Molly is ecstatic that she gets to be the Queen of Cats again. Can't you just feel the enthusiasm?

And what else have I been up to? I've been working really hard on destroying all my toys! It keeps me busy on the long, dark nights. Hopefully Santa will bring me lots of replacements!

And of course, Mom has been doing what she always does when she gets bored! Dress up!
Ellie before:

Ellie: after

Cutest little squirrel this side of the Mississippi!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Rain, rain go away...

"Mom, we're bored!"

"I'm bored..."

"Ben is bored..."

"And Ellie is bored... Or dead?"

"What's the you say? We could dress Ben up?"

"We had a talk....

"And Ben said "no"

"But I say yes, so he's overruled!!"

"Ben looks SO handsome with his bow tie! But I don't think he feels the same way!"

"Now what?!?!"

"Hey Ellie, want to play WrestleMania?!?!"

"Take that!"

"Looks like Molly is out of here..."

"Wonder what Ben is doing?? Oh, surprise! He's hunting kitties..."

"New foster kitty, Sam, is his target."

"This is how Sam feels about Ben..."

"Pretty much sums up how I feel about the rain! Hope it clears up soon and we can go outside!"

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Scout has been adopted...

But never fear, Georgie (and his giant tongue) are here!

Ben's Big Adventure!

Ben wanted me to post his latest adveture on my website since he doesn't know how to type yet...

In an effort to get rid of some of Ben's energy, Mom came up with a great way to exercise him! Rollerblading! And he loves it!

Mom has been taking Ben to this trail through the woods. It is 3 miles each way.

There are lots of interesting things to see and smell! Even horses, which Ben is scared of! Mom let him sniff one through the fence and it didn't go well.
He'd rather just keep on running! Mom can hardly keep up!

At the end of the trail Mom lets him play in the river to cool down. It's kind of dark but here he is running like crazy in the water!

Of course, his favorite thing ever remains fetching. "Mom, there is a stick RIGHT next to you. Do you see it??"

"Please throw it for me!"

When Ben finally gets a LITTLE tired, Mom takes him back home. Here is a bad picture of the sunset they saw after swimming.

He has all kinds of interesting smells when he gets home and I get really jealous! Mom says I can't come along though because my fear of wheels will probably kill her!

Monday, October 11, 2010

Boating Fun!

This weekend Dad came to visit and brought his boat! It was the first time that everyone but me had gotten a ride. Mom made Ellie wear her life jacket because she's not as skilled a swimmer as the rest of us. You can tell by her expression how she feels about boating before we even got in the water!

"I am NOT happy about this"

But I was super happy!! Sun on my face and the wind in my ears! What could be better?

The lull of the boat was very relaxing! It didn't take Ben long to fall asleep!

Until we took a break for some swimming!

Even Miss Ellie went in the water! Only up to her arm pits though! Wimp ;)

Afterwards, all the action called for another nap!

Then Dad decided he was going to go for a swim in the middle of the lake. And Mom decided to throw me in!

My face demonstrates exactly how I felt about that cold, forced swim!

Jack thought it was hilarious!

I was pretty mad at Mom afterwards!

Until I got to wear her shades...

The next day we left Ben and Ellie at home. Mom said something about our boat looking like a floating kennel. We tried a new lake, too.

It was another perfect day!

Lake Badin had a lot of wildlife for Jack to watch!

And it was smooth and quiet so we could navigate!

And look for fishies!

We even got to swim for awhile...

What a fabulous weekend!