Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ellie is Naughty!!

The day started off normal with some backyard patrolling.

And critter watching.

And resting in the dirt.

And then Ellie went bananas and jumped the fence to chase a monster squirrel. And pregnant Mom had to chase her through a bunch of brush in her pajamas and flip flops. And Ellie just kept on running until Mom caught her and had to carry her heavy butt home. She got punished with a bath and...

the dreaded tie-out.

Ellie was very sad and tried to hide in the shed.

And then she had another naughty spell and rolled in some dirt.

And then she just gave sad pouty faces while Mom ignored her.

Mom played some ball with Ben.

And I chewed on my favorite stick.

My arthritis is bothering me and I've been taking it easy.

Ben says "Say what? What does that mean? Throw the ball!"

And Molly just says "Someone come save me from all these dogs!"

Sunday, August 14, 2011

We're back!

Sorry, we've been MIA lately!!

It's mostly been because Mom is "expecting a baby"! I'm not sure what that means but she's not been feeling so well! She spends a LOT of time in bed. :(

We're trying to be well-behaved doggies and keep her company but we're BORED!!

Well, except for Molly but LAZY is her middle name!

Mom did get tired enough of our "puppy dog eyes" for some water fun!

Please spray me?!?!

Ah! Relief!

Of course, Ben had to be a hose hog!

And we finished off with a good bath! Not quite as fun but necessary according to Mom!

P.S. Look what Mom bought for this baby thing! It has some funny smells and I can't even eat it. At least it has an Aussie on it :)

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Pool Party!

Look who snuck out of the house!

And guess who found her and herded her back inside?! ME!

Run Molly, Run!

After Molly was put back inside, Mom asked Ben to help water the grass!

That way she doesn't have to go and move the sprinkler.

Ben does it for her!

He gets all the dry spots! High and low.

Except sometimes chores make him angry! Grr....

Uh, oh.... What happened??

It wasn't me!!

Let's fill up the pool instead. I need to cool off my feet!

And then take a dip.

Even Ben slowed down enough to have a swim! Ahhh!!!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Biggest Adventure Ever and Mom Didn't Have Her Camera!

For Memorial Day Mom took Ben and I to Uncle John's farm! It's been so hot in NC and we spent some time swimming.

And Uncle Mike threw some sticks for us!

Then we got a giant surprise!! We went down the road to meet some news friends...

First we met this big guy, Mr. Turkey (yup, that's his real name). He looked pretty tasty and Mom didn't like our behavior, so we got put on a leash...

Then we met this guy. Yup, a goat!! And his whole goat family! Mom let me run lose and my Aussie instincts went into high gear.

I herded these guys around the field and through the barn 10 times. I wasn't sure exactly what to do but it sure was fun! Mom has never seen me so happy or move so fast!

And then I got to meet some sheep! Unfortunately, Mom didn't have her camera throughout this entire amazing adventure. By the time she got back, the sheep were on their way far from me!

They ran into the woods and wouldn't come out!

Mom tried to make me reenact the entire event but it was super hot and I was panting like a crazy fool!

Then Mom gave Ben a chance... What did he do? This!! He was SCARED of the animals. A Border Collie, scared? I couldn't believe it!

Hope your Memorial Day weekend was as fun as mine!

Friday, May 27, 2011

Fun in the Sun

Hi everyone! I hope you're all having a good spring! We've been having tons of fun hanging out in the backyard.

Ben's been socializing with the neighbors... Too bad she is only 5 and likes to practice her ball throwing skills against the fence. The ball never makes it over. It's a slow form of torture for Mr. Ben.

He keeps a close on the whereabouts of the ball though. Here she is burying it. What a tragedy!

Ellie has been busy testing all the delicacies of the yard. Here she is eating a delicious mini pine cone. Yum...

And some sticks for dessert?

I've been getting lots of exercise while patrolling the yard! It's a hard job but someone has to warn Mom every time a leaf falls or a kid cries 3 blocks away.

Other than that, we've just been relaxing in the sun.

And breathing in the fresh air.

Life is good!