Thursday, December 31, 2009

Christmas Fun

Christmas morning Mommy gave us each a new toy! I got Morey the Moose!

But I decided I liked Ben's toy more! So I "killed" both of them.

Poor Ben, he sat on the bed and pouted when I took his toy. I just couldn't control myself!

Molly pouted, too. But she's always doing that!

Luckily, Aunt Erin brought us MORE toys! And Fiona and Lola! They came to stay at our house for 5 days!

I took my toys into the other room because I obviously don't like sharing!

Ellie REALLY liked the bones. It's been permanently attached to her face since Christmas Day!


After toy time, Mom decided to bake us some homemade dog treats!
Of course we ALL wanted to help!

Lola even helped herself to the dough on the counter!

We had to wait until they were done baking! It took FOREVER!

So Mom snuck us a few taste tests...

Yum! Ben approved!

So did Lola!

This is the final product! They are delicious. I even let Mommy package some up to share with our other dog friend's at Aunt Jordan's house. And we sent some home with Lola and Fiona, too!


  1. They look very tasty. And what cool toys.


  2. Yum yum! You have a very nice Mom!

    Emma Rose