Monday, June 14, 2010

To Grandmother's House We Go....

Mom's grandma is very sick so we got in the car and travelled 12 hours to Michigan. Mom said we "drove her crazy" but we made it. And we couldn't wait to play frisbee with Grandpa when we got there!

We had TONS of energy!

Ben thought he was going to get a chance to carry the frisbee back to Grandpa...

But of course, I won! "Keep watching Buddy... I'll play when I'm good and ready"

Ellie spent the ENTIRE time searchig for critters in the vines. She thinks she's a mighty hunter!

And Sammy just hung out in the grass...

Or got scratches from Grandpa.

Mom took turns taking us to Great-Grandma's nursing home. Ellie and Sam went first but were BORED!

The next day Ben got to go. He sat outside with everyone on the gazebo.

And watched some ducks in the river.
And they watched him back...

They even came on the gazebo for a closer look. Amazingly, Ben didn't try to eat them! I guess they aren't as tasty as kitties.

Finally, it was my turn. As Mom predicted, this is where I spent my visit. You'd think she'd learn by now that I don't like ANYTHING with wheels, esp. wheelchairs and walkers!

We're back in NC now and trying to get back to our routine. Sam got an application at his first adoption fair so he may be leaving us shortly! :(