Friday, July 31, 2009

Girl's Weekend

Dad and Jack are out of town so Mom, Molly, the kitties and I are having a girl's weekend!! Last night we did our nails. And tonight we watched TV all together in bed. Tomorrow it's my birthday!! I can't wait to celebrate. What a fun weekend!

Now it's time for my beauty sleep...

Sunday, July 26, 2009


Mom finally got home from her Mexico work trip! And she said she'd take us swimming as a special treat! It was about 90 degrees out so we were super excited.

This is Cupid. We are dog-sitting her for the weekend.

When Jack and I swim, it looks more like we're drowning!

Cupid swims very gracefully. Mom says she has something called webbed feet!

I finally convinced Jack to go in the deep end!

Unlike frisbee, I'm in charge of carrying the sticks!

Jack just comes along.

He would rather run around like a crazy dog on the shore!

We were having so much fun that Dad jumped in, too. We were having a race to the stick.

I won, of course!

Mom said we had major swamp butts!

We had to get LONG baths when we got home but it was worth it! I wish I could go swimming every day!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Blast from the Past

Little Parvo puppy...

Friday, July 17, 2009

Obedience Class #2

We had our second obedience class on Wednesday. Jack and I were not nearly as well behaved this time. Jack kept barking at the dog practicing his agility on the other side of the room. Actually, it was more like howling and high pitched squealing! He wanted to go play, not practice sitting! I was SO embarrassed!

I, on the other hand, decided that I had to growl at any dog that even looked at Mommy. I was convinced they were trying to take my treats. I never get this many treats in a row and I wasn't about to share! Mom kept yelling at me and calling me "embarrassing"! Can you believe it?

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bark in the Park

Mom and Dad took Jack and I to the local minor league baseball team's game for Bark in the Park. We had lots of fun! Look at all the pics Mom took!

Ready to watch some baseball!

Adelaide from the dog park was at the game!

And so was Mongo!

And I met this handsome Aussie named Foster. He won the "smartest dog" contest!

And I met Nahla. She was friends with Mongo.

Dad bought me some peanuts to munch on. Gotta have snacks at a baseball game!

Jack REALLY likes baseball. He's such a guy.

Here he is sticking his tongue out at Dad after he wouldn't share his sandwich!

I know these dogs from the dog park, too. They are the fattest girls I've ever seen! BOL!

Jack entered the "best kisser" contest but didn't win. He wasn't sure why he had to lick a stranger's face??

The mascot and the announcer did the Thriller dance in honor of MJ.

Jack was not impressed with their dancing skills!

Nahla put her visor and shades on when the spotlights came on.

The game went into overtime and Mongo got tired...

And so did I...

Jack just got bored!

Until he got to run the bases with dad after the game! He thought that was fabulous!

I didn't run the bases this year because Mom said I "freaked out" last year. Honestly, I just didn't see the point! :)

Friday, July 10, 2009

Obedience Class

Jack and I had our first obedience class on Wednesday night. It was really fun! There were dogs of all sizes and ages, even a 9mo old Newfie that Mom wouldn't stop petting. She was really making me upset and jealous so I had to bark and let her know.

We started off by practicing paying attention to our owners. Every time we made eye contact, we got a treat. I figured out pretty fast that I should just keep staring at Mom. Then Jack saw how many treats I was getting and stared at Mom, too. Us Aussies are WAY too smart for this beginner stuff!

Hopefully we get to work on some more challenging stuff next week! I'd like to show everyone my "high five" or how I "say my prayers". Overall though, Mom was proud of my behaviour!

No pics this time but stay tuned! Mom is taking us to Bark in the Park at the local baseball stadium on Saturday. We went last year and I had a blast eating hot dogs and running around the bases. Jack is going to love it! :)

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I can tell by what's in Dad's hands that we're going somewhere special!

To the "dog park in the city"!!

We're the only dogs... just how I like it!

Until this guy came along... At least he didn't like frisbees!

I'm so excited! Throw the frisbee! Throw it! Throw it!

This is how frisbee works! I catch...

And Jack carries...

I catch...

And Jack carries... Got it?

I let Jack catch this one.

But he still had to carry it!

I think he got a little tired... Wake up!

Hi Mom! Just checking in...

It's REALLY hot out!

We are drooling fools! :)

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Photo Shoot Gone Wrong

Last night, Mom took Jack and I for a walk around downtown. She said something about doing a "photo shoot" because it was so pretty out. However, Jack and I had some different ideas.

This is all Jack wanted to do...

And I refused to look at the camera...

Jack only stopped rolling when a fire truck went by.

By then, Mom was "fed up" and we went home! Maybe we can try again tonight! :)