Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Soccer Star

Mom brought home this awesome soccer ball and I've discovered a hidden talent! I've got some serious soccer skills. I can block and catch like the best of them! :)

Of course, I don't share! And of course, Ben has to stare me down...

But I just keep ignoring him. Even when I'm done playing, I don't even think about letting him have the ball!

Mom says he looks sad and I should let him play for awhile!

I say "HA HA HA, no way!"

PS- Look at my funny mud beard! :)

Meanwhile, the Bobsie Twins (aka Gracie and Ellie) had absolutely no interest in soccer. They just want to run around like crazy. This picture makes Mom laugh eventhough it's blurry...

They also wrestle like they are on the WWE.

But look! We are getting some grass! And I see flowers!

The twinsies also have to eat their bones together. Fine with me! As long as I don't have to share!

It's supposed to be 85 in North Carolina this weekend! Mom said something about getting us a pool!! I am SOOO excited :)

Puppy Love

We've had Gracie a little over a week now and it seems like she's always been part of the fam! Mom still says that we can't keep her though!

Even despite this cute face...

And this smile...

And those ears....

And that Aussie wiggle butt...

So we're just hugging and snuggling for the time being.

And even Ben is holding her hand :)

She looks SO big already! I think she's doubled in size since we've had her. Hopefully a nice family will come see her at the adoption fair this weekend!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Aussie Puppy!

Rudy and Ben's fights have not stopped so Rudy had to go live at another foster home. But don't worry, we weren't lonely for long! Look what Mom brought home last night!

It's a 4 1/2 mo old Aussie puppy! A family decided that after their "careful" research that maybe an Aussie was not the right fit for small kids and lazy owners! They hadn't bothered to get her any vet care either! Mom is going to fix all that!

Look at that wiggle butt!

She finally slowed down enough to snuggle and get her picture taken. I'm sure Mom will have the camera permanently attached to her face for the next few weeks...

Ben, of course, got over the puppy excitement really fast. He only has eyes for Molly!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

The good, the bad and the ugly

Last weekend started off good with some wonderful weather!! Ellie was loving the sunshine!

We played with sticks in the backyard.

And played tug-o-stick with Mom.

And tug-o-stick with eachother

The "the bad" happened shortly after this photo. Rudy was lounging on the couch until Ben challenged him with his Border Collie eye. They then got into a 10 minute brawl...

That ended like this: "the ugly"

And this: (swollen, black eye)

And finally like this: (tired, sore, half-blind baby)

Ben's not so tough after all! Eventhough Rudy is not looking so hot either. They are both on antibiotics and Ben saw the vet. His cornea is fine but his eye is swollen shut! Rudy has gone on a little vacation to a friend's house until he can be neutered. Hopefully, that will help the boys get along!

Mom ended the weekend with an Oreo milkshake! Of course, I got to clean the cup. Every last drop!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The Newest Trend in Dog Houses?

For some reason, Rudy is obsessed with the washer and dryer!

Monday, March 1, 2010

New Foster Doggie

Mom brought home a new foster dog this weekend. She hasn't named him yet but here he is his below. He's a Collie/Golden/Chow mix :)

He was abandoned by someone that had him chained up outside. The chain was too small around his neck and grew into his skin! It's hard to see but he's missing his hair and has a wound all the way around. Unfortunately, he is also Heartworm Positive.

Mom is trying to fatten him up and get him healthy so he can start treatment in a few months. Until then, he is loving being an indoor dog!

Eventhough we're too bossy to let him sleep on the bed with us, he still thinks the ottoman/"dog step" is pretty comfy!

Mom has been spending lots of time giving him love. He really likes hugs and kisses. Ben is really jealous that he's not the only "Momma's Boy" anymore. He is learning to keep his feelings to himself with lots of "time outs". Hopefully everyone will start to get along soon!

Fun on the farm

On Saturday, Mom took us to Uncle John's farm in Greensboro. It was a first time visit for Ellie and Ben! We took a really long walk and explored lots of fun things.

Mom tried really hard to get lots of pictures of Ben. Usually he's scared of the camera!

Ben even went swimming for the first time. It didn't matter that the water was FREEZING!

There he is crossing the river!

Happy, tired Bennie!

Mom thinks Border Collies and farms go together perfectly.

Ellie on the other hand, wanted to leave! She's trying to find her way back to the city!

Mommy got mad at her and made her come back. She's pouting in this picture.

We were a Jeep full of tired, dirty doggies on the way home! We had SO much fun!

I love Saturdays...