Sunday, January 31, 2010

Auntie Andria's Visit & More Snow!

Sorry, we've been busy!! Last weekend, Mommy's best friend came from Michigan to visit us! We had so much fun!

She'd tried to help us take a family portrait. This is out best shot attempt! :)

This weekend we had lots of snow again! Mom took us to the dog park to play!

Ellie is a crazy snow leopard!

After the park, we went on a walk in the snow.

Of course, I found some water to swim in!

Ellie was too wimpy to swim! And too chubby, too!

And Ben just wanted to play frisbee. As usual....

But this is what happens when a too-long-tongued Border Collie goes frisbee crazy and bites his tongue! We had to leave shortly after this so people wouldn't think Mommy was hurting us!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Weekend Fun

On Saturday, Mom took Ellie and I hiking. We also picked up Mom's friend who adopted Ellie's brother Riley.

Can you believe they are siblings?? (sorry, can't get the pictures right!!!)

Short and chubby!

Tall and lean! And look at those ears!

Here are the three of us chewing on sticks!

Mom didn't get too many pictures because we wouldn't hold still for even 2 seconds. We've been couped up for weeks with this cold weather! Poor Ben didn't get to come along because he's still having problems with his foot. :(

Friday, January 1, 2010


Mom got Ellie a reindeer outfit for Christmas! But when Ellie puts it on her legs stop working! It's the weirdest thing...

Her head gets REALLY heavy, too!

Reindeer don't even like treats!

Or kisses from big sisters!

What's the deal???

Mom thinks she's super cute but I think she looks more like a raging bull! Watch out!

Mom then decided to make Molly a reindeer, too!

The same thing happened! No movement!

And her head got really heavy!

I think she looks more like a mighty lion than a reindeer though!