Sunday, October 16, 2011

Ellie is Naughty!!

The day started off normal with some backyard patrolling.

And critter watching.

And resting in the dirt.

And then Ellie went bananas and jumped the fence to chase a monster squirrel. And pregnant Mom had to chase her through a bunch of brush in her pajamas and flip flops. And Ellie just kept on running until Mom caught her and had to carry her heavy butt home. She got punished with a bath and...

the dreaded tie-out.

Ellie was very sad and tried to hide in the shed.

And then she had another naughty spell and rolled in some dirt.

And then she just gave sad pouty faces while Mom ignored her.

Mom played some ball with Ben.

And I chewed on my favorite stick.

My arthritis is bothering me and I've been taking it easy.

Ben says "Say what? What does that mean? Throw the ball!"

And Molly just says "Someone come save me from all these dogs!"