Thursday, September 24, 2009

Present Time!

Mom let us "open" one of our new Christmas presents! I chose the Tony the Tiger toy.

Jack chose the flying squirrel!

I started with the usual process of taking out Tony's eyes.

Jack started chewing off the squirrel's tail.

It was super fun!

Luckily Murray doesn't know how to play with toys yet so I didn't have to share!!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Christmas in September!

Mommy's foster group got a big donation of toys and treats this week! So we got to take some of it home to share with Murray. Even the kitties got presents! It's like Christmas!

This is what our treat jar currently looks like! Pretty sad excuse, Mom!

Meet Murray!

On Saturday, Mom brought home a new foster dog named Murray. He's super cute with beautiful blue eyes! He's been very busy telling us about his past life "on the streets". He's never been in a house or ridden in a car or seen his reflection in a mirror. He also was complaining about eating out of the garbage but that doesn't seem too bad to me! I love the garbage can! :)

"I'm so happy!"

Murray really likes kitties! He just follows them around and licks their heads. Wierdo!

Things were going great until Murray and I got in a little scuffle. Mom tried to break it up and got bit instead. She had to go to the ER and get stitches. I felt SO bad but she's forgiven us. At least until she gets the bill...

Monday, September 14, 2009

Go Blue!!

Every year around this time Mom gets all excited and starts yelling out things like "Go Blue" and "Let's Go Wolverines!". She also gets out my "football outfit" and makes me do a really long photoshoot. She tells me I look SO cute, so I just put up with it and smile! I don't know what a Wolverine is but they must be cool because they make Mom SOO happy!

Aren't I cute??

Go Blue!

Is the game on yet?

Even Jack is ready!

Mom let him wear my hat for awhile but it made his head REALLY heavy!

And he couldn't keep his eyes open!

I thought it was hilarious! ha ha ha....

But seriously Mom! Can we be done with pictures now?

We have to practice our defense!



Busted! Dad came home and told Jack he wasn't allowed to wear Maize & Blue! He said something about Jack being a Husker and made him put some red on!

It was a great Saturday though! The Wolverines beat the Irish! Go Blue!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Exciting Night

Mommy got new bedding!

Guess how long it remained "dog free"?.......

As long as it took to take the second picture!

I can't wait until Mom goes to work and we can lay on it ALL day! WOO HOO!

Sunday, September 6, 2009

I graduated!!

Jack and I recently graduated from Beginner 1 class! Here is my diploma!

Mom got us some stuffed whales for a graduation present! For some reason, I was NOT excited and didn't even want to "kill" mine!

I gave it to Jack and he snuggled it for awhile!

Here he is looking CRAZY with both whales! :)

The whale is still alive today! He's lucky we like wrestling more!

And here's a bonus picture of me when I was caught snuggling with one of the foster kitties, Charlie!