Friday, April 23, 2010

A month without Mom

Mom was in Nashville last week and is going to South America for 2 weeks tomorrow. We've been staying at a friend's house so there won't be any pics for awhile....

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Swimming on Sunday

On Sunday, Mom took us to the woods to hike. We were having a blast until we came across the "Train Tracks of Death". All of us took off across and started falling through the slats. Mom had a heart attack and started screaming bloody murder. Especially when Ben got stuck and then tried to flail himself off the side! Of course, there are no pictures of the incident...

Afterwards, Mom calmed down and we climbed down under the tracks.

We followed the stream and it led to the Yadkin River! Yay, swimming!

Jack and I jumped right in!

Even Miss Ellie took her very first dip! I think she was as shocked as we were!

We were all waiting for her when she made it back!

She was SO proud of herself!

Mr. Ben decided that swimming wasn't his cup of tea...
This is as far in as he would go! Silly dog!

Not Jack! He's a swimming maniac now that I've shown him how fun it is!

He fetched all the sticks!

And Ben watched from the shore.

And so did Ellie. One swim was good enough for her!

When we were done swimming, we started digging to China. Ben thought it was super fun to catch the nasty mud in his mouth!

Mom kept yelling at him but I guess he was hungry!

We tried to take a family photo before we drove home but this is the best we could do! I'm the only well-behaved dog in the family! :)

Monday, April 5, 2010

Pool Party

On Saturday, Mom got us a pool. I always want to sit in the nasty one at the dog park so Mom thought I'd like one of my own.

She was WRONG! I wouldn't get in. HA HA!

Even when Mommy got in, I couldn't be convinced.

So Mom thought putting the sprinkler IN the pool might entice us.

It worked for a minute with Ben!

But I wasn't falling for it!

Then Ben got smart and took the sprinkler out!

The $2 sprinkler was WAY more fun than the pool!

Until it got all nasty, then I FREELY got in. Mwa ha ha. Mommy doesn't understand me :)

Of course Ellie didn't want anything to do with water! This is her preferred Saturday afternoon activity.