Sunday, August 14, 2011

We're back!

Sorry, we've been MIA lately!!

It's mostly been because Mom is "expecting a baby"! I'm not sure what that means but she's not been feeling so well! She spends a LOT of time in bed. :(

We're trying to be well-behaved doggies and keep her company but we're BORED!!

Well, except for Molly but LAZY is her middle name!

Mom did get tired enough of our "puppy dog eyes" for some water fun!

Please spray me?!?!

Ah! Relief!

Of course, Ben had to be a hose hog!

And we finished off with a good bath! Not quite as fun but necessary according to Mom!

P.S. Look what Mom bought for this baby thing! It has some funny smells and I can't even eat it. At least it has an Aussie on it :)