Sunday, July 26, 2009


Mom finally got home from her Mexico work trip! And she said she'd take us swimming as a special treat! It was about 90 degrees out so we were super excited.

This is Cupid. We are dog-sitting her for the weekend.

When Jack and I swim, it looks more like we're drowning!

Cupid swims very gracefully. Mom says she has something called webbed feet!

I finally convinced Jack to go in the deep end!

Unlike frisbee, I'm in charge of carrying the sticks!

Jack just comes along.

He would rather run around like a crazy dog on the shore!

We were having so much fun that Dad jumped in, too. We were having a race to the stick.

I won, of course!

Mom said we had major swamp butts!

We had to get LONG baths when we got home but it was worth it! I wish I could go swimming every day!

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