Friday, July 10, 2009

Obedience Class

Jack and I had our first obedience class on Wednesday night. It was really fun! There were dogs of all sizes and ages, even a 9mo old Newfie that Mom wouldn't stop petting. She was really making me upset and jealous so I had to bark and let her know.

We started off by practicing paying attention to our owners. Every time we made eye contact, we got a treat. I figured out pretty fast that I should just keep staring at Mom. Then Jack saw how many treats I was getting and stared at Mom, too. Us Aussies are WAY too smart for this beginner stuff!

Hopefully we get to work on some more challenging stuff next week! I'd like to show everyone my "high five" or how I "say my prayers". Overall though, Mom was proud of my behaviour!

No pics this time but stay tuned! Mom is taking us to Bark in the Park at the local baseball stadium on Saturday. We went last year and I had a blast eating hot dogs and running around the bases. Jack is going to love it! :)

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