Sunday, July 12, 2009

Bark in the Park

Mom and Dad took Jack and I to the local minor league baseball team's game for Bark in the Park. We had lots of fun! Look at all the pics Mom took!

Ready to watch some baseball!

Adelaide from the dog park was at the game!

And so was Mongo!

And I met this handsome Aussie named Foster. He won the "smartest dog" contest!

And I met Nahla. She was friends with Mongo.

Dad bought me some peanuts to munch on. Gotta have snacks at a baseball game!

Jack REALLY likes baseball. He's such a guy.

Here he is sticking his tongue out at Dad after he wouldn't share his sandwich!

I know these dogs from the dog park, too. They are the fattest girls I've ever seen! BOL!

Jack entered the "best kisser" contest but didn't win. He wasn't sure why he had to lick a stranger's face??

The mascot and the announcer did the Thriller dance in honor of MJ.

Jack was not impressed with their dancing skills!

Nahla put her visor and shades on when the spotlights came on.

The game went into overtime and Mongo got tired...

And so did I...

Jack just got bored!

Until he got to run the bases with dad after the game! He thought that was fabulous!

I didn't run the bases this year because Mom said I "freaked out" last year. Honestly, I just didn't see the point! :)

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