Thursday, August 26, 2010

Lazy days of summer

It's been HOT in North Carolina and it doesn't leave us much energy for anything but laying around. So we've been doing a lot of lounging in Mom's bed...

Ellie is the queen of lounging

Ben just likes to pretend he's not staring at the kitty so he doesn't get in trouble.

We ALL know what he's doing...

On Saturday Mom got up early and took us to the ball field to play. We hadn't been out of our yard for a LONG time. Mom says we've turned into unsocialized hooligans! Can you believe it?

Ben and I practiced our big air frisbee skills!
And ran around like crazy.
Here is Ben "smiling" for the frisbee. He gets so excited. Mom should of named him Dracula!

"Frisbees and kitties... Frisbees and kitties... Frisbees and kitties..."

And what was Ellie was doing this whole time?!? She was surveying the perimeter for intruders.

And barking at leaves when they blew by. Just to let us know...

And rolling in mud puddles eventhough she hates water! Only a mother could love that face!
Just kidding! We all love Ellie. Especially after a bath!

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