Tuesday, May 18, 2010

I'm BACK!!

PEEK-A-BOO!! Remember me?

Mom finally returned from some place call Peru! And we all got to come home from our "vacation"!

"Huh? You were on vacation? I was stuck at some strange girl's house and didn't eat for 2 weeks. And then I got taken to the vet and put on medicine. That's no vacation!"

Bummer! At least we're all home now! And Mommy's here! And we get to sleep in her bed again!

And look what she brought us! This little guy was found wandering the streets. BUT then we found out he had Parvo (I had that when I was little, too!). He spent a scary week at the vet but made it through! And got to come home this week! He's still locked up in the cat room that Mom has re-named "Isolation" but we KNOW he's in there... We can smell him... And we talk to him through the door!

The best part is, we think he's Ellie's biological half-brother! We heard through the grapevine that the women who had Ellie's Dog Mom did not get her spayed as she had promised. Another litter of puppies were the result and we're guessing this is one...

Can you see the resemblance? They have the same eyes, the same facial hair (although Mom trims Ellie's beard) and the same weird, long body with turned out feet.

And they both LOVE to eat more than anything! :)

He'll be going up for adoption in a few weeks but he has to get healthy and strong first! Mom wants him to go to someone she knows so he can have play dates with his sister!

That is all the updates I have for now! Mom has been really busy with the little guy and hasn't had much time for adventures. All she does is bleach things and make yummy-smelling food concoctions. Hopefully this weekend we'll be able to get some swimming in!

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