Monday, March 1, 2010

Fun on the farm

On Saturday, Mom took us to Uncle John's farm in Greensboro. It was a first time visit for Ellie and Ben! We took a really long walk and explored lots of fun things.

Mom tried really hard to get lots of pictures of Ben. Usually he's scared of the camera!

Ben even went swimming for the first time. It didn't matter that the water was FREEZING!

There he is crossing the river!

Happy, tired Bennie!

Mom thinks Border Collies and farms go together perfectly.

Ellie on the other hand, wanted to leave! She's trying to find her way back to the city!

Mommy got mad at her and made her come back. She's pouting in this picture.

We were a Jeep full of tired, dirty doggies on the way home! We had SO much fun!

I love Saturdays...

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  1. What an awesome day you had! We love Saturdays too :)

    Emma Rose